A groundbreaking concept and quality associated brand, iceRoll has made itself a name in the medias. We take care of communicating about iceroll at the national level to ensure the visibility of the brand.

Here is an example of what we achieved in 2016.

2016 Press release

Press book

The press book is a general introduction of the concept. It gives a good overall presentation of the concept. Add the address of your selling point and/or your email address.

Download the press book, as well as all the communication tools on MyiceRoll.

Your role

You are in charge of the local communication. Communication and commercial prospection are closely related : the more you participate to events, the more journalists/bloggers will talk about you and vice versa.

We ensure the national visibility of the brand and product and provide you with the communication tools you may need. It is up to you to make the most of them at the local level !

Determine your audience

Use a clear message: “In March, visit us at ADDRESS, have minute-made ice cream made on a -30° C frozen plate”.

Journalists like giving good addresses to their readers (to show them they always discover “trendy places”).

Contact local newspapers, they are an excellent communication channel. Here is an example of what was said of iceRoll in Direct Matin, a Parisian newspaper (this largely increased the number of visitors in our pop up shop).

Have a good quality content

Use pictures of you. Take advantage of any moment spent in a cool or iconic regional place. Send them to us and we will publish them on social networks.

We provide you with all the products, event and stand visual tools. We regularly organize shooting and share the photographs with you.

Use our accessories

Every event is an opportunity to communicate on your business. Your stand is your best communication tool: make it visible from far away thanks to the front panel.

The business cards holder.

This accessory enables you to hand out business cards and flyers (€ 20 on the iceRoll E-shop). It was made to fit the windowpane of the stand. Your cards will disappear in no time !

Respect the graphic charter.

Your success also depends on the ice cream you make: keep in mind that people will take pictures of you and your ice cream and post them on the social networks.

Respecting the ice cream rolls fabrication process and putting the rolls in the cup properly is essential. A good looking ice cream will make your renown. Don’t forget that the ice cream spiral poured onto the frozen pan is the brand signature !

Do you need a poster ?

Do you need any special poster or flyer ? Email us.


Social medias

Do you run your business in France ?

We constantly post original content on social medias (Facebook and Instagram principally) and on our website. We have more than 6 500 fans on Facebook and more than 6 200 on Instagram. Send us your photos and information about your selling points. We will update the page “Where to find us”.

Share our posts on your Facebook wall and ask your friends to do it as well. Friends and family members are excellent ambassadors for your project and will talk about you around themselves.

You don’t live in France ? Create your own Facebook page. The name of your Facebook page must follow the following pattern “iceRoll CITY”. Use the iceRoll logo for your profile picture and a nice picture of your spot for the cover page.


Send us your photos at and we will post them on social medias !


Do you have a question regarding communication ? Do you need some advice / help (help to answer journalists’ awkward questions) ? Would you like to hear our opinion ? Don’t hesitate to email us at