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What is the iceRoll Family ?

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The iceRoll stand
€ 10K (excl tax)

Well-designed and mobile, the iceRoll stand is suitable for intensive use, in all conditions. 

€ 250 / month

Join the Family and access Myiceroll, our ressources base. 

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€ 0,70 / Ice cream

We provide you with all iceRoll supplies on our exclusive E-shop.

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Work whenever you want, have no limits, no constraints :
be free !



iceRoll stand

The perfect stand.
The iceRoll stand is not a simple stand. It is the best existing tool to make and sell ice cream. Our designers designed it and we have been using it and improving it meticulously for two years so as to reach perfection.

iceRoll accessories.
Our three-years experience allowed us to develop accessories adapted to this new fabricaton process. We took all the details into account so as to enhance the iceRoll experience and allowing you to achieve optimum performance.



Access myiceroll
 Contacts, recipes, training, guides. Find all you need to get started.


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Enjoy the brand
 Communication materials (business cards, website, flyers). 

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Be heard
 (M6, France2, Glamour) & an active community on Facebook & Instagram

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Get support
Our team holds many skills (engineering, graphic design, marketing ...).

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Your aspirations are your possibilities



E-Shop Family
On our Family-exclusive e-shop, you can order all branded supplies. A good ice cream is perfect when eaten in a nice cup, with a nice spoon.

iceRoll recipes
Our ice cream base is our signature. It blends perfectly with fruit and to roll on the frozen plate.

Smooth, simple and delicious, we keep the recipe secret and unveil it to Family members only. We just can tell you that you will only have to add fresh milk and cream.


Join our 15 Family members

How to sell ?

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Create the show during events - corporate or private parties. Charge your client depending on the duration of the event & the number of guests.

Selling price
Shaping iceRoll for 3 hours for 100 guests can be charged € 1 000.

Our experience
Over 400 events since 2014 : wedding, corporate events, Christmas parties, ...

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Sell iceRoll ice cream in a touristic area or in any place with a lot of passing by : you will get the attention of all passers-by. Have a corner shop in a mall or have your own shop.

Selling price
€ 4-5 per iceRoll

Our experience
Our shop in the heart of Paris.


iceRoll team


Our team holds many skills, and talented people only !  Sales, engineering, pâtisserie, graphic design, communication, project management & marketing.


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